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Hi Lee, I purchased your product “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” and I must say that I am truly impressed. Your system is by far the BEST system out there. I’ve purchased other star mural business opportunities and have been truly disappointed. But not the case with yours.

WOW! Your system covers every detail when it comes to creating awesome star murals. From creating stars and the constellations to the Milky Way and distant planets. You cover it all. You disclose paint color recommendations, materials needed, and all the way through to various application tools and application methods.

And if that’s not enough you include info on how to create a star projector and info on how to make my own stencils. And then you include your space art to get me going on the stencils.

And it gets even better! You include marketing materials that contain some AMAZING sales flyers and hand outs. With your sales flyers and hand outs, all I needed to do was type in my personal information and then push print on my printer.

And let’s talk about customer support. I recently had a question and called you using the telephone number that you included with your system. You were right there on the other end of the line with the informative answer I needed.

As I mentioned earlier… I’ve purchased many of the other Star Business opportunities out there. But I have NEVER made any money in this business until I purchased your “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System”.

With your system I had all the info I needed and this week alone… I have sold 3 full-size star mural ceilings. With the pricing I personally choose to charge for my small sized town… I’ll make over $1200 in only a few hours of work. I paint star murals all over the state now.

Would not be where I am today without you Lee. Thank you. Without question, I owe all my success and all future success in this business to you.

Norman Spooner Spencer. IA


Wow!!! Thanks Lee, Great shipping! I talked to you on Friday and recieved it Monday. You pack a whoolup of information on that CD. Took me quite a while yesterday just to go through for an quick overview. Today I am going to take a bit more time and check out some of the links you included for suppliers and other ideas. Everything is there I need to get going. So glad I found you instead of investing thousands. Thank-you for being straight foward and helping me to get started in appreciating our night sky again! And the money it can bring in!

Hope to talk to you again, Cori


October 24, 2008,

Hi Lee, i just wanted to let you know that i downloaded and reviewed the information tonight, and i just have to tell you that i am THRILLED with your comprehensive information! you’ve obviously put a lot of time, effort and expertise into this package, thank you so much!

i’m a self employed faux finisher, and have been keen on adding star murals to my portfolio for a couple of years now, but was hesitant to spend upwards of several thousand dollars others are charging.

when i saw your youtube video i checked out your website right away and was happily surprised at your price. i admit, i did wonder if your information would be lacking in some way, as i do believe in the old adage that you get what you pay for, but your money back guarantee convinced me.


Lee, i am SO glad i took a chance and ordered your star mural painting system. how refreshing it is to find an honest and sincere person willing to share this fabulous information at a reasonable cost!

i have already sold one ceiling mural to one of my best customers. i will be doing my first mural for them in january, so that gives me plenty of time to practice. they are as excited as i am to have a starry night sky glowing in their new theatre room.

i already anticipate that star murals will be a HUGE seller for me, just in home theatre rooms alone, and i look forward to a very prosperous business year! i will keep you updated if you like, do you have any tips on getting good photographs, i suspect getting good pictures is tougher than painting the mural itself!

happy painting, many thanks and kind regards, Karen Edmonton Alberta, Canada



We received the CD today 6-29-07. My wife and I have looked over the info several time and have found it to be everything you stated. We are so excited now and will be purchasing the paints and other materials so that we can get started. We are so happy to have come across your website and the info CD. Not knocking the other companies offering this type of business I am sure that there programs are excellent, but you saved us from making a $4.000.00 mistake. Once we have done some projects we will let you know how we are doing. I would (will) recommend your program to anyone who wants to start this type of business it looks so easy and we believe there is money to be made.

Thanks Again. Ricky/Cindy Jenkins


Hello Lee,

Patrick Olds here in Oregon. I just purchased your CD on Star Murals. It is everything you say it is and then some. Thank you. I came so close to paying $87,000 for an established star business but the guy was so reluctant to say anything about how he does it that made me a bit leery. Now I know why. Very simple procedure, just need practice to get really good at it, but I know right out the gate as simple as this system is after I practice on a dozen or so ceilings and poster boards I’ll be up and running. Your program just saved my THOUSANDS!!!!!!? Again thank you so very much.


Lee, I just went through your mural painting information package and have contacted all the listed resources. Looking forward to building my business with this great information! I’ll be in touch to share my experiences and questions in the future. Best regards, Paul… The Blue Rose Gallery


Subject: Re: info on star biz Hi

Lee. Got the item (CD ). Very well done. Thanks again buddy for making my holiday little brighter. Maybe 2008 can be better for me because of this information. God Bless you and your family I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and safe and happy new year. I hope we can stay in touch. Thank you Ron Chipley FL


Dear, Lee!

Just wanted to check in and thank you for all the terrific info that’s help my sister and I get launched in the business! Your info really rolled our socks up and down and we really appreciate the time you took to put this together! Warmest wishes your way! Shannon Jensen in VA


I bought the glow star paint system from Lee. I found the information given to be quite helpful. Lee has tricks to show you how to make your project impressive to anyone who sees it. I had to contact Lee with questions and he got right back to me with answers. I look forward to working with Lee in the future. Thanks again for your help Lee…. Officer Matthew Bobby


Hi Lee, I dont know if I told you how much I liked your cd. the information given is good. I have now got orders for 2 x ceiling paintings, 1x wall painting, and 11 posters. I’m really pleased with whats happening for me, and its all thanks to you and your tips and guidence. Best regards Ed Buckley ( and partner Joyce Millington ), United Kingdom


Hi Lee, I have read your guide for the Amazing Star Murals from front to back and I must say it is full of interesting details. By the way the info on formulating the Glo Paint alone is worth the price of the Guide. Best Regards, Max Canada


Hi Lee, Jim Brown here, one of your most recent students of your star mural painting system course. You have certainly outdone yourself and over delivered with this amazing course! Thank you for your thorough explanations and guidance.


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