QUESTION: What Makes Amazing Star Murals So Amazing Anyway?

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ANSWER: Unlike a regular mural painted with regular paint pigments, an Amazing Star Mural is hand-painted using PURE LIGHT ENERGY CRYSTALS (light captured and time-released from natural sunlight).  All light is pure energy just like a living thing.  Because of this fact, you can do awesome, amazing things with this pure energy.  Imagine YOU making LOTS of money for years to come as an expert on the stars!

QUESTION: Is this a night time painting business?

ANSWER: No. Star murals can be painted during the daytime as well.

QUESTION: How big are the light crystals?

ANSWER: They are very, very small. You don’t see them in the paint.

QUESTION: Is the paint safe to use?

ANSWER: Yes. I have special documentation to back it up in case your customers ask.