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Businessman 2“The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” (plus tool kit and equipment) is completely TURN-KEY! Everything is ready for you to use in your new business. It’s a complete Star Mural Business in a box (a large box that is). All you have to do is practice making a few posters, practice doing a couple of ceilings and then start doing star murals for people – for some INSTANT RED-HOT CASH profits!

Order our Complete Sci-Fi Ceilings® Business Kit instantly and Safely Online! Or, Mail a Check, Cashier’s Check or Money Order.

  • WOWIE-ZOWIE!! You will have everything needed to make colorful REALISTIC, radiant stars, accurate constellations, colorful Milky Ways, nebulae, shooting stars, galaxies, Sci-Fi and fantasy artwork!
  • The complete, fully-illustrated “Amazing Star Mural Painting System™” instructional manual included.
  • A DVD showing how to use all the specialized tools that make professional star murals, star portals and demo posters.
  • Making Constellation Stars, Distant Stars, Milky Ways, Shooting Stars, Galaxies, Nebulae, Space Ships, Action Figures and everything else you can possibly think of will be a snap using tools included!
  • Lifetime quality professional lighting and projection equipment that will handle large rooms.
  • Ready-to-use marketing system and sample sales materials.
  • Enough STARchitect™ Paint to choke a horse. Create over 100 colorful, full-size star mural ceilings and portals allowing you to be in profits overnight.
  • Magic STARchitect™ application system included for making thousands of stars quickly and neatly!
  • A professional artist’s toolkit complete with instructional course, videos, fabulous quality paints, highly-advanced application tools, precision marketing tools, lifetime quality astronomical and lighting equipment plus bonuses!
  • (Psst… the “Space Art” collection is a special fast start bonus, AND also included is an art course that actually teaches you how to create all the UFO space art you want – this part of the bonus alone will be worth a small fortune to you!)
  • And last of all, you have me. If possible, I will be there to help you anytime you need me day or night if you have a question or get into a fix of some sort. You will be able to get a hold of me by phone or e-mail anytime needed.
  • MORE GOOD NEWS The BLUE and PURPLE nebula clouds around the sides of this web site’s simulated page background don’t look as real as the ones you will be able to make using our STARchitect application tools.

Here’s a small peek at the backbone of our secret application system – the Sci-Fi Ceilings® “STARchitect Machine” that comes in your Amazing Star Mural Kit!

Also included in the your Sci-Fi Ceilings® kit is our “STARchitect Machine”.  It’s custom built in our shop specifically for our artists.  Years in the making – yours for the raking, it lets you produce accurate night skies for any day and month.   The “STARchitect Machine” does 4 important jobs and is only available through our company and will do any large room you dare use it in.

You will be able to advertise that you use “precision astronomical equipment” to install an accurate reproduction of the actual night sky in just a few hours. All you have to do is turn it on and let it guide you through the simple, fun process!

Just as ancient mariners navigated their way to destinations of fortune and back home again using the stars, you too will be able to navigate your way to fame and fortune with your own awesome lifetime astronomical equipment complete with the finest and best application tools available today!  It takes professional tools and equipment to do a professional job (so you can make professional profits).

We also have colourful sales materials to make your business look professional.

This above is a double-sided, tri-fold brochure that has a place for your contact info. A professional marketing tool to attract cash-paying customers.

You get access to marketing materials like this, that have our Sci-Fi Ceilings® trademark, a FREE ready-built website that has many more benefits for as low as $14.95/month when you become a Certified “Pro Painter of Lights™”.

The Benefits of Modern Lighting Also Creates a Modern Problem

FACT: Did you know that because of large cities of light you can no longer see most of the stars in the sky on a clear night anymore.  As a matter of fact, we probably don’t see 95% of the stars anymore that are naturally visible unless you go deep up into Canada, way out west or high up somewhere in the Himalayas away from any cities.

Turn Light Pollution into a Profitable Fun Solution!

A friend wrote me recently and said…
Hi Lee,

You know how it is when you see something all the time but don’t really “see” it?  Whether it’s the artwork on your walls, the mess in the closet, the beautiful flowers in your yard, your child’s smile… you become so used to seeing them that you stop seeing them.

During that blackout in Michigan several years ago I couldn’t use the computer or watch TV so I stepped outside.  I looked up at the sky and saw the stars; it was like I was looking at stars for the first time.  I spent a lot of time just gazing at them and immersing myself in the wonder of it all. It almost seemed like a luxury.

The stars are always there but it took an unexpected event to make me really see them.
Stephen Pierce
Detroit, MI

It takes a complete BLACKOUT to be able to see all the stars at night anymore – city lights are blocking the scenery. Everyone loves having electricity, but stargazing is something we all love too! We are drawn to it. It’s woven into each of us to have a natural curiosity and fascination for the heavens.  After all, everything is made up of the carbon – which is stardust!  No wonder we have a fascination – we literally come from the stars!

Here’s how to turn a problem into a profitable solution for those who cannot get to sleep at night!

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P.P.P. S. Proverbs 18:16 King James Version (KJV) says, 16 A man’s gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men. Do you want to stand before great men who have money to offer you or do you want to stand on a street corner all day or all night and hang out with stumble bums?

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