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AmazingStarMuralHeaderThe Sky is NOT The Limit -- Shoot For The Stars!

The World's Easiest Painting Business is also the BEST PAYING Painting Business Around!

Imagine "You" Making $250 - $500 A Day (and even as much as $1,000 - $2,000 in a single job) Turning Ordinary Bedroom Ceilings into Awesome Star-Filled Night Skies!

Get rich making people's ceilings come alive at night with thousands of realistic 3-D stars that soak up real sunlight during the day and emit it all night long!

Paint With Light And You'll Be Right

Leon Charles Cusano Jr. (Lee) owner and founder of Sci-Fi Ceilings® and "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System"
Leon Charles Cusano Jr. (Lee) owner and founder of Sci-Fi Ceilings® and "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System"

Dear Friend,

My name is Lee Cusano, owner of Lee's Painting Service located in Grand Bay Alabama. I have successfully owned and operated my own residential/commercial painting business since 1991.

Back in 2006 I developed a powerful add-on niche for my existing painting business called Star Mural painting. While being a house painter and not really an artist, I couldn't even imagine painting a picture-type mural. Yet making highly-detailed Star Murals is not that difficult (once you know how) and are very impressive!

You See, Ceilings Look Normal During The Daytime, But ...

When star mural customers turn their lights out at night their bedroom ceiling magically comes alive with thousands of stars and a colorful winding Milky Way! Many people world-wide are making big money in just a couple of hours a day painting cosmic space murals on ceilings. They are so easy to do a kid could do one providing he knew exactly how and had the few simple mastery tools needed to do it.

After 10 years of perfection I now offer these secrets to this extremely rare business venture! it's all revealed in a complete, fully-illustrated manual that makes it practically a turn-key home business opportunity.  Many people have trouble coming up with the money needed for this cash cow - even though compared to many other business start-ups (that cannot even compare profit-wise) it is very inexpensive to invest in and operate.

"The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" Comes Compete With Years Of Experience And Quick Professional Start-Up Know-How That I Can Give You. 

It all really started years ago when a young gal came crying to me online about how she couldn't afford the complete star mural business kit. I felt so bad I put together a special, lower-cost, fully-illustrated CD-ROM that shows people how to create their own amazing star murals and application tools.

With a little practice, there is simply no reason why someone cannot make a thousand dollars a day or a week in this fun and exciting painting business opportunity. So what I'm offering you today is a complete start-up guide. A fully-illustrated star mural business manual without a heavy price tag hooked to it. Thus, saving you thousands of dollars.

I have all the information, tools and know-how for you to start making great money with. Using this highly advanced manual, you can start out small and make an easy $150 - $200 per ceiling for just a few hours work doing kids rooms right off the bat.

And as you quickly progress and learn the trade you can gradually increase your rates to $250 - $500 and even more depending on the size and detail of the project. As you get the hang of what you are doing, you can take on jobs for teens and adults and charge $350, $500 and even $1,000 or more for highly detailed star themes that can be done in just a few hours or a day or more for larger ceilings.

Introducing: "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System"

While I am not exactly a gifted painter (just a neat one) I have found a fast way to make a normal week's wages in just a day for some pleasant, fun work. It's called "Star Mural Painting". It looks prefect on Bedroom ceilings and even walls too. If you can paint a dot on a ceiling you can do this business. Look at it this way, there are as many bedroom ceilings to paint as there are stars above and hardly anyone knows how to do this secret, obscure type of painting - but you soon can!

Ceiling looks like any other normal ceiling when it's light in the room.

This is what painting with light can do for a dark bedroom!

You can create awesome mini murals that you can sell for $200 - $400 or more depending on size!

Let Natural Daylight Do It's Thing. Watch Your Ceiling Magically Come Alive With Stars, Distant Stars, Shooting Stars And Constellations, Night After Night After Night - All Night Long! The Stars Last For Years!

Literally everyone is your prospect! Peoples homes have many possible ceilings to paint star murals on, not just bedrooms. Their cottages or summer homes even. There's hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places, inns, and lots more. There's as many possibilities as you can think of!

The average "basic" star mural costs around $500 and takes about 4 hours to paint. The cost of materials is less than $10 so your profit is PURE profit!

And you don't have to be gifted to paint these star murals either. If you can paint a dot on a ceiling you can make money in the star mural painting business. The secret is in knowing HOW to create these really cool cosmic wonders.

Relax You Are In Good Hands

I also have two turn-key business kits complete with all the tools and paints that you can upgrade to later on. Plus, a few advanced tricks. These advanced kits go for $1,000 and $2,000 each and are worth the money. Why? Because I have put the time, money and effort into giving people like yourself a ready-to-go business where you can make your investment back quickly plus you can have a life-time of high income and financial freedom -- even live anywhere you want to.

Again, through years of painting star murals and adding this service to my own house painting business, I have put together everything needed for someone to make money on their own. All the knowledge, resources and tools needed, including how to get plenty of customers is included.

How much does it cost to get set up in your own Star-Mural business including tools and supplies doing it on your own (after buying the manual on CD-ROM)? How about less than a $150 bucks! This amount can actually get you started making money.

Once you order your copy of "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" you will be on your way to the fastest, easiest painting profits around - Guaranteed!

Own Your Own Life-Time, High-Profit, Specialty Painting Business

You will have a perfect way to earn more money in just one day than most people make all week. You will be unemployable and financially independent. I love the feeling. I have been fully self-employed since the early 1990's and I have never needed or wanted a regular job since!

Not often does a unique opportunity come around like this one. I can show you how to turn ordinary ceilings into an accurate view of the night time sky.

During the daytime a star mural ceiling looks like any other ceiling. But at nigh the ceiling is magically filled with thousands of stars and constellations you or your cosmic customer chooses!

  • I will show you how to make and present low-cost, sample star mural posters that you created in just minutes and they might pay you to paint their bedroom ceiling! When they see a beautiful radiant night sky they will love it and tell others as well!
  • You can easily create these amazing sample star posters in minutes using my unique, cleaver, fool-proof system and give them away all day long to the right people! These samples are so good they will compel people to want their ceilings done!

Here's the vital information you will receive in your copy of the fully-illustrated, Amazing Star Mural CD-ROM: (Most of your tools can be found right in your own home town for less than a $100)

  • How to choose the best Star Paint that glows bright all night long (I already carry it for you).
  • How to quickly build your own low-cost "Star Machine" for making constellation-correct star murals.
  • How to create any Star Mural or Milky Way scenes, UFO's, etc. you want.
  • How to Acquire Your Own Low-Cost Killer Space Stencils (add all types of exciting artwork to your star mural ceilings like flying saucers, diamond stars, space wars and more!)
  • What and where to get the special low-cost activation tool needed for energizing your star murals.
  • You will discover all of the low-cost application tools needed to create the most realistic-looking stars, distant stars, shooting stars, comets, Milky Ways, etc.
  • Everything is water clean-up and you will hardly need a drop cloth even though I recommend using one.
  • How to Easily and Accurately Price Your Work
  • How to Advertise Effectively and Get all the Business You Want for FREE!
  • You will soon become a master of 3-D Artwork. You will be able to combine Space Art along with the most awesome, authentic-looking Stars and even the Milky Way. It will be gracefully stretching across the night ceiling!

Looking For a Second Job? Don't Do It! -- (you'll never qualify again anyways for a regular job once you've been making as much money as your doctor makes in one day - only with fewer the hours!)

Besides, the experts say that it is always far more profitable to start a small, part-time business than it is to go out and waste your precious time hustling for part-time "McPeanuts".

Realistically you could retire on just this Star Mural business alone if you really wanted to. Once you own your own Star Mural business, you can do it for life on a full-time or part-time basis. It's just that simple. And you can make money in Florida, California, Hawaii, Idaho or wherever your dreams take you.

Star Murals are so easy to do, an 80 year old man would have no problem running his own business as long as he could safely stand on a step ladder. The only difficult part is that most people would never figure out in a thousand years how to do an advanced star scene. And the rest don't want to take the time and could care less. They just want to sleep under the stars!

Kids love stars. Just on that note alone the market is huge. But it doesn't stop there. Millions of people big and small are fascinated by the stars -- Especially today because of light pollution you can no longer see all the stars in the sky.

Have you noticed all the ads on TV for new cars that are always showing the stars at night? Yet people don't notice this!

  • Are you an artist? Great! - Let me show you how you can easily start earning a fantastic income from your own highly profitable Star Mural Painting Business!
  • Are you NOT an artist? Great! - Let me show you how easy it is to create these amazing star murals and how to start your own highly profitable Star Mural Painting Business!

While everyone else is locked up in a factory or an office all day long you could be out in the sunshine having fun and doing the things you want to do because you have more money and more time on your hands as a business owner!

BONUS - As a professional painter, not only can I show you how to get all the business you want for free - I can show you how to accurately price all your jobs too (you'll be in and out, lickity-split)!

  • Make At Least $250 - $500/Day And More!
  • Discover How To Get All The Customers You Want For Free
  • Work Part-Time (as little a 2 hours a day)
  • Make more money in one day than most people make all week!
  • Make more money in one week than most people make in two months!
  • Anyone Can Be a Customer (sell them a star portal or mini mural, sell them a poster...)
  • Most People Have At Least 3 Bedrooms and even a den that's perfect for a ceiling Star-Mural
  • Easily Make Beautiful Constellation-Correct Star Murals of Planetarium Quality
  • How To Easily Price Your Work
  • Make Extra Money at Christmas Time or Any Time You Want in Any State or Country you want.
  • Fully-Illustrated CD-ROM With Color Photos Shows Everything Needed To Launch Your Own Star Mural Painting Business FAST!
  • All the tools needed are revealed and are cheap and easy to find
  • Make people stand in awe as you make their bedroom ceiling come alive with a perfect duplicate of the night time sky
  • Make Astronomically Correct Star Murals on Ceilings (Not that you need to. Most people just want a cool star mural.)
  • Everything needed to make thousands per week - Guaranteed!
  • Find out where to get tools and supplies dirt cheap (most are found right in town!)
  • The correct tools used to make 3-D stars, shooting stars, comets, meteors, Milky Ways and MORE!
  • Work just a couple hours a day and take the rest of the week off!
  • The perfect part-time business - Make a Full-time Income Working Part-time Hours! ("YOU" own your own business - it dosn't own you)
  • Get all the customers you want for Free
  • If You Ever Wanted Your Own Instant Money-Making Business - HERE IT IS - Sell The Stars - You even get to keep ALL the money too!
  • If you ever wanted a profitable part time business - This is it!
  • All you have to do is put a low-cost sample of your work in front of people! Leave a demo poster so you can follow up in a few days even. I'll show you how to make the most awesome domo posters in just minutes.

home based business opportunityOrder and Get These Super-Hot Bonuses!

BONUS #1) Find out "How to get all the customers you want for FREE"! Remember, I have been in the painting business since 1991 and I made thousands and thousands of dollars. I will show you how to make all the money you want instantly and for free.

BONUS #2) I'll also give you Free Camera-Ready Advertising Copy. My powerful advertising that is time-proven to pull in the cash business - all you have to do is insert your name and/or company name and address and you're ready to go!

BONUS #3) I am going to reveal another easy way to make money with your star-mural painting business as well!

BONUS #4) Free Life Time Support. You got a question, just call me or e-mail me and I will do what I can to help. (I sincerely want you to succeed - NOT just spend money with me. Why? Because I love to help people make money. Doesn't everyone have that trait in them?

After all, what you sow, you reap. Plus, I would love to add your testimonial to this web site. You can own your own high-profit painting business right now for a one-time fee of only $597.00 $397.00 -- ORDER TODAY!!!) -- HURRY because this insanely low price is only temporary. It's soon going back up to $597.00.

One Full Year Money-Back Guarantee

Try “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” out for a full year. During that time, if for any reason at all you are not completely satisfied, just return the product for a no questions asked, no hassle refund.

Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

The Most Detailed Star Mural Course on the Planet! EVERYTHING You Will Ever Need to Create Amazing Star Murals that Command HUGE Instant Cash Profits is Hidden Away For You in a Shiny Silver Disk (that will be navigating it's way to your front door)!

Option: 1 Order The Amazing Star Mural Painting System on CD-ROM instantly and safely online for Only $597.00 $397! Have it RUSHED to your door by First Class Mail!

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I also understand that I can try "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" out for a full year. During that time, if for any reason at all I am not completely satisfied, I can just return the product for a no questions asked, no hassle refund. I also understand that my credit card will be charged a one-time fee of $397.

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