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Everything You Need To Make Professional Star Murals For BIG, FAST, INSTANT CASH Is Revealed and Supplied In This Full-Blown Mastery Course and Ultra-Professional STARchitect™ Tool Kit Direct From Sci-Fi Ceilings®

Imagine Yourself Making $300 - $500 A Day (and even $1,000 - $2,000 in a single job) Turning Ordinary Bedroom Ceilings into Totally-Realistic Stargazing Rooms - This is NOT a Toy!

Get Rich Making People’s Bedroom Ceilings Come Alive with a Night Sky Full of Stars Like They’ve Never Seen Before!

The Ultimate Beautification of Any Bedroom Ceiling Shows Up When the Lights Go Out at Night With “AmazingStarMurals™”!!

“Paint With Light And You’ll Be Alright”

Strange Objects have been found on Our Moon, Mars, Mars’s Moon called Phobos and in this video on the dwarf planet Pluto – (Click button in lower corner of video to enlarge)

Dear Friend,

My name is Lee Cusano, owner of Sci-Fi Ceilings® from Grand Bay, Alabama which is located down along the Gulf Coast. I have successfully owned and operated my own residential/commercial painting business (Lee’s Painting Service) since 1991.

Back in 2006 I discovered and developed a powerful add-on niche for my painting business called “Amazing Star Murals”. Being just a house painter I couldn’t even imagine painting a fancy mural. Fortunately I found that making exciting Star Murals was not anything like regular mural painting and I was even able to average $50 per hour right off the bat.

I was hooked for life. Painting with light turned out to be easy money with a fast learning curve!

We Star Muralists Have a Distinct Advantage Over Other Muralists, Home Projectors, Even Planetariums

You see, painting with real light (real pure energy) has REAL benefits. Our stars react just like the real ones do in the real night sky! They twinkle the same, peripheral vision is needed for some stars, some stars jump out at times or look like they disappear, etc. No ordinary painted mural, no planetarium or home projector has these same natural qualities. It’s NOT the same type of light.

My super realistic shooting stars may not zoom across a bedroom ceiling but then neither does Haley’s Comet move across the night sky when it comes around once in a lifetime. It looks rather stationary just like if it was on your ceiling!

You see, the magic comes from real sunlight that is stored daily inside tiny light crystals that are suspended and time-released in a special paint that I personally use! This means you can have full confidence that when you do someone’s ceiling, you can charge a healthy, hefty price because your product is worthy – if done right artistically.

This is where “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” by Sci-Fi Ceilings® comes into the picture. Because of my time-proven, specialized system and  application tools that make it all super easy for anyone to learn and make money with right out of the gate!

Picture Walking Past One of Your Bedrooms Late At Night In The Dark And Seeing Thousands Of Beautiful Stars Glowing Radiantly Through The Doorway For The Very First Time… It’s A Real Tranquil Experience!

I witnessed this by accident one night I turned out all the lights in the house and then had to go back through because I had forgot something. As I went past one of the bedrooms I saw a darkened room with a ceiling filled with beautiful stars that looked just like the night sky. I was so proud of my work and could hardly wait to do a mural for someone so they could see it too – all this from painting with light crystals that charge and absorb natural sunlight during  the daylight hours!

Once you experience this for yourself and you give potential customers a sample poster, how can they resist buying from you? Don’t tell them, show them how their bedroom ceiling can magically come alive with thousands of stars and a colorful winding Milky Way even! It’s literally a ceiling that comes alive.

Many people world-wide are making big money in just a couple of hours a day painting cosmic space murals. They are so easy to do a kid could do one if you let him loose!

After years of perfection, I now offer these secrets to this extremely rare art form and business venture! It’s all revealed in a complete, colourful, fully-illustrated manual that makes it a real “turn-key” home business opportunity.  Used to be that many people had trouble coughing up the doe-dee-lah needed for the full-blown Ca$h Cow kit – even though compared to many other business start-ups (that cannot even compare profit-wise) it is very inexpensive to invest in and operate.

GOOD NEWS – “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” Comes Complete with Years of Experience and Quick Professional Start-Up Know-How That Sci-Fi Ceilings® Can Give You at such an Affordable Price!

With a little practice, there is simply no reason why someone cannot make a thousand dollars a day or a week in this fun and exciting painting business opportunity. So what I’m offering you today is a complete Turn-Key business. All you have to do is jump in and turn the key!

It’s a fully-illustrated star mural business manual and DVD along with all the right tools and equipment needed to make a lifetime of optimum profits.

I have included all the vital information for making big-profit star murals and the know-how for you to start making great money. Using this highly advanced kit you can start out small and make an easy $300 – $500 per ceiling for just a few hours of pleasant work doing kids rooms and mini-murals (also called star portals) right off the bat.

And as you quickly progress and learn the trade you can gradually increase your rates to $500 – $1,500 and even more depending on the size and detail of the project. As you get the hang of what you are doing, you can take on jobs for even $1,000 or more for full-ceiling murals that can be done in just a few hours or a day depending on the size and detail.

Introducing: “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” Start-Up Manual

Being a professional house painter that loves to paint, I was always looking for another profitable add-on service. And then I stumbled across this… and so I developed this fast, easy way to pick up an extra $500 or more in less than a day for doing some exciting, fun-filled work. It’s the most awesome thing you will ever see at night on a ceiling.

This  manual that also comes with a DVD will show you everything needed to make the most awesome star murals you could ever find. I will teach you a simple 6-step system that you repeat over and over again for profits that can be out of this world!








A star mural ceiling looks like any other normal ceiling when it’s light in the room.




This is what painting with light can do for your average dark bedroom!

Picture laying in bed on a late Friday night with your lover and listening to your favorite commercial-free jams (Remember the waterbed days back in the 1970’s and early 80’s? Today’s star mural ceilings would have been a natural back then)!

We only had black light posters and vans with elaborate space scene paint jobs complete with the chrome mag wheels and solid white lettering back then. Amazing Star Murals can fill the void and compliments today’s lifestyles!


You can create awesome mini murals that you can sell for $125 – $397 or more depending on size!

I can show you how to make them look great like this simulated one in less than an hour, over and over again!


Let Natural Daylight Do It’s Thing and People Will Be Talking and Bragging To Their Friends, Neighbors And Family About How Their New Sci-Fi Ceiling Looks At Night and How It Lasts ALL NIGHT LONG!

Literally everyone is your prospect! Light their ceilings up night after night from natural sunlight and they will remember you forever! Make sure to send them a Christmas card every year with your contact info inside (in case they lost it) so they can keep referring you to others!

Peoples homes have many possible ceilings to paint star murals on, not just bedrooms. Their cottages or summer homes even. There’s hotels, motels, bed and breakfast places, inns, and lots more. There’s as many possibilities as you can think of!

The average “basic” star mural costs around $500 and takes about 4 hours to paint. The cost of materials is less than $10 so your profit is PURE profit!

And you don’t have to be gifted to paint these star murals either. If you can paint a dot on a ceiling you can make money in the star mural painting business. The secret is in knowing HOW and the simple but secret steps to creating these really cool cosmic wonders!

Committed To Your Success

Again, through years of painting star murals and adding this service to my own house painting business, I have everything needed for you to make money in your own star biz. All the knowledge, resources and tools needed, including how to get plenty of customers is included.

Once you order your “Amazing Star Mural Painting System” kit you will be on your way to the fastest, easiest painting profits around – Guaranteed!

Start Your Own “Cosmic Cash Cow” Star Mural Painting Business And Experience “Instant Cash Flow On Demand”

You will have a perfect way to earn more money in just one day than most people make all week. You will be unemployable and financially independent. No one can boss you around. You march to the beat of a different drummer. I love the feeling.

Not often does a unique opportunity come around like this one if you love cool art and are creative. I can show you how to turn the ordinary into the extra-ordinary!

During the daytime a star mural ceiling looks like any other normal ceiling. But just darken the room (buy dark window shades or curtains like motels have) and the ceiling is suddenly filled with super cosmic nature – even during the daytime! Great for naps and romantic interludes!

  • I will show you how to make and present low-cost, sample star mural posters. Posters that you created in just minutes. Prospects might pay you on the spot to paint their bedroom ceiling! When they see how realistic your star murals are they will want it and will be telling others about it as well!
  • You can easily create these amazing sample star posters in minutes using my unique, cleaver, fool-proof system and give them away all day long to the right people! These samples are so good they will compel people to want their ceilings done!

Here’s Some Highlights of Information You Will Receive in Your Kit:

  • How to create ANY Star Mural or Milky Way scenes, including UFO’s, etc. that people want.
  • How to Create Your Own Killer Space Art (add all types of exciting artwork to star mural ceilings for extra BIG profits like flying saucers, space wars, aliens and more!)
  • Everything is water clean-up and you will hardly need a drop cloth even though I recommend using one.
  • How to Easily and Accurately Price Your Work!
  • How to Advertise Effectively and Get all the Business You Want for FREE!
  • You will soon become a master of glow-in-the-dark, 3-D artwork. You will be able to combine Space Art along with the most awesome, authentic-looking Stars and even the Milky Way – one that will be gracefully stretching across someone’s star-filled ceiling!

How Do You Top Off What’s an Already Amazing Star Mural Ceiling into a Geniune Sci-Fi Ceilings® Work of Art?

ANSWER: You add a little “Sci-Fi” to the mix!

Order The Complete “Amazing Star Mural Painting System” kit NOW and get my Bonus Space Art Manual that will show you how to make all the cool graphics you need for your own amazing star murals!

Plus, I supply some awesome ready-to-make flying saucers with a FREE Space Art™ collection if you order right away!

Looking For a Second Job? Don’t Do It! — (you’ll never qualify again anyways for a regular job once you’ve been making as much money as your doctor makes in one day – only with fewer the hours!)

Besides, the experts say that it is always far more profitable to start a small, part-time business than it is to go out and waste your precious time hustling for part-time “McPeanuts”.

Realistically you could retire on just this Star Mural business alone if you really wanted to. Once you own your own Star Mural business, you can do it for life on a full-time or part-time basis. It’s just that simple. And you can make money in Florida, California, Hawaii, Idaho or wherever your dreams take you.

Star Murals are so easy to do, an 8 year old would have no problem running his own business as long as he could safely stand on a step ladder.

Kids love stars. Just on that note alone the market is huge. But it doesn’t stop there. Millions of people big and small are fascinated by the stars. They always have been.

Have you noticed all the ads on TV for new cars and such that are always showing the stars at night? People don’t even notice this!

  • Are you an artist? Great! – Let me show you how you can easily start earning a fantastic income from your own highly profitable Star Mural Painting Business!
  • Are you NOT an artist? Great! – Let me show you how easy it is to create these amazing star murals and how to start your own highly profitable Star Mural Painting Business!

Some People Are Fortunate Enough To Love What They Do For A Living. Here’s Your Chance To Do Something You Are Passionate About Too!

Getting paid to have fun doing the work you love is the name of the game in the art of living right. Years ago, when I first started my painting business I could hardly wait for Monday morning to come so I could start my new project. I didn’t dread Mondays like I used to as an employee. Instead my work was my hobby!

BONUS – As a professional painter, I can show you how to get all the business you want for free – I can also show you how to accurately price all your jobs too! This way you become bold as a lion because you know what you are doing.

  • Make $300 – $500/Day And More!
  • Discover How To Get All The Customers You Want For Free and Through Referrals!
  • Work Part-Time (as little a 2 hours a day or 1 or 2 days a week)
  • Make more money in 1 Day than most people make all week!
  • Make more money in 1 Week than most people make in 2 months!
  • Anyone Can Be a Customer (sell them a star portal or mini mural, sell them a poster…)
  • Most People Have At Least 3 Bedrooms and even a den that’s perfect for a ceiling Star-Mural
  • Easily Make Beautiful Constellation-Correct Star Murals Instantly!
  • How To Easily Price Your Work
  • Make Extra Money at Christmas Time or Any Time You Want and in Any State or Country you want.
  • Fully-Illustrated CD-ROM and DVD With Color Photos Shows Everything Needed To Launch Your Own Star Mural Painting Business FAST!
  • All the time-proven tools, paints and equipment needed are included.
  • Make people stand in awe after you make their bedroom ceiling come alive with a real-looking night time sky!
  • Make Astronomically Correct Star Murals on Ceilings (Not that you need to. Most people just want a cool star mural)
  • You’ll Have Everything needed to make thousands per week – Guaranteed!
  • The time-proven tools used to make 3-D stars, shooting stars, comets, meteors, Milky Ways and MORE!
  • Work just a couple hours a day and take the rest of the week off!
  • The perfect part-time business – Make a Full-time Income Working Part-time Hours! (“YOU” own your own business – it doesn’t own you)
  • Get all the customers you want for Free or through Referrals!
  • If You Ever Wanted Your Own Cash Cow – HERE IT IS – Milk it for all it’s worth!
  • If you ever wanted a profitable part time business – THIS IS IT!
  • All you have to do is put a sample of your work in front of someone. Leave a demo poster so you can follow up in a few days even. I’ll show you how to make the most awesome domo posters in just minutes.

home based business opportunityOrder Today and Get These Super-Hot Bonuses!

BONUS #1.) Find out “How to get all the best customers you want for FREE”! Remember, I have been in the residential painting business since 1991 and I have made thousands and thousands of dollars. I will show you my secret method for making all the money you want instantly and even for free.

BONUS #2.) I’ll also give you a Free Sample of my Camera-Ready Advertising Copy. My powerful advertising that is professionally designed to attract REAL customers!

BONUS #3.) A FREE Space Art Collection – I have lot’s of space ships ready for you to use PLUS your manual will show you how to make any space art you or your customers want!

BONUS #4.) Free Support. If you got a question, just call me or e-mail me and I will do whatever I can to help you continue in profits.

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