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(All you have to do is SAVE BIG MONEY by putting together a few simple tools yourself and "boda-bing, boda-boom, let's do a room!" And I'm here to help you along the way.)

No Experience Needed!  An Easy Fun Business!  Star Murals Rock (especially when a little "Sci-Fi" is added)!

Earn Unlimited Ca$h Profit$ Turning Ordinary Ceilings into Virtual Home Planetariums™ Complete with Twinkling Constellation Stars, Shooting Stars, Nebulae, The Milky Way and MORE!

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Leon Charles Cusano Jr. (Lee) owner and founder of Sci-Fi Ceilings® and "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System"

Dear Friend,

My name is Lee Cusano and I have been a painting contractor since the early 1990s.  Around 2004 I began to help other painting business owners to increase their profits.  In 2005 I started specializing in star mural ceiling art on a serious and professional level not only because it pays so good, but because it’s FUN!

You see, a star mural ceiling looks like any normal ceiling during the daytime, but when it gets dark out the stars begin to appear just like the real night sky. It was over time through trial and error I began to get good at making my murals look realistic. I just kept making them over and over again and I kept testing new tools until I found the ones I liked best and got the job done the fastest.

Many people world-wide are making big money in just a couple of hours a day painting cosmic space murals on ceilings. They are so easy to do a kid could do one providing he knew exactly how and had the few simple mastery tools needed to do it.

After 10 years of perfection, I now promote this (extremely rare business venture that I used as an add-on to my painting service) as a complete turn-key home business opportunity.

Many young people have trouble coming up with the money needed for this cash cow - even though compared to many other business start-ups (that cannot even compare profit-wise) it is very inexpensive to invest in and operate.

It comes compete with years of experience and quick professional start-up know-how that I can give people.

It all really started years ago when a young gal cried to me through an e-mail about how she couldn't afford a complete, ready-to-go star mural business costing thousands of dollars.  I felt so bad I put together a special lower-cost, fully-illustrated CD-ROM that shows people how to create their own amazing star murals and application tools good enough to get by on.

With a little practice, there is simply no reason why someone cannot make a thousand dollars a day or a week with this fun and exciting painting business opportunity.  So what I'm offering you today is an instant turn-key business without a heavy price tag hooked to it. Thus, saving you thousands of dollars.  I have all the information, tools and know-how for you to start making great money.

You Are About To Discover How To Create “Amazing Star Murals” That Will Be Worth $1,000 – $2000.  How’s that you say?  Because I Will Show You Step-by-Step, How To Make Them Look Incredibly Real Whether You Are an Artist or Not!


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And I'm not talking about just novelty artwork like the UFO's and other stuff that you might see towards the bottom of this page. While all that is cool and will make you lot's of extra cash, I'm talking about accurate depictions of the real night sky complete with thousands of stars, constellations and the Milky Way that any homeowner would be proud to have and enjoy having on their bedroom ceiling for years to come.

FACT: Most small business owners don't make much more than a regular job has to offer.  Here's your chance to make more money in just one day than most people make all month!  All with a very low, one-time start-up cost!

  • Become King of the Hill - What if you had your own out-of-the-ordinary, RED-HOT, moneymaking product that you could offer to the world.  One that is so cool, so dynamic and so breathtakingly awesome that it literally blows people’s minds?  And a product that no one else can even come close to copying?  Even a product that you could produce for mere pennies on the dollar? (And with a very low start-up cost and very, very low overhead!)
  • Everyone That Sees It LOVES It – A product that EVERYONE likes, no matter what age or income level even.   And what if this product could let you make $100 to $200 PER HOUR and even as much as $500 to $2,000 in any single given day?  A product that’s so cool, the homeowners see it in Little Johnny's room and decide they want it in their own bedroom as well?
  • To “Specialize” Is The Key To Higher Earnings – everyone knows that those who specialize (think doctors for an example) have people who seek THEM rather than them "the specialist" chasing after people to find patients.  They don't even advertise.  They also make more money than those who generalize in their field.  And then there is “Amazing Star Murals” which, is a specialized painting service which, is in a league of it’s own and is second to none!
  • Sell To The Masses – Live With The Classes – star mural painting has a price everyone can afford.  I will show you how to create budget-friendly skylights or star portals.  These are mini-murals for over the bed.  And higher priced full ceiling murals too!  Both allow you to make $100 – $200 PER HOUR or MORE!
  • You Can Excel Quickly – Why do some businesses excel more than others?  One reason is “systems”.  Some companies run super-efficient because they have set systems in place to make everything run as smoothly as possible – over and over again.  It is this way with “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System”.  I have perfected a “pattern for success” just for you that is comprised of the right application methods and the right application tools.
  • Get Rich Offering People Fun and Comfort promoting a major benefit called "LIGHT THERAPY" (a.k.a. "a good night’s sleep")!  According to doctors, over 30% of adults have some sort of sleep disorder and cannot get a full night's sleep. Here's an area where you can help them with the soothing effect of indoor stargazing.
  • Work part-time but make a full time income.
  • Star mural painting takes off where regular mural painting stops.  This is because you are painting with LIGHT and light is the "REAL THING" baby!  Light is pure energy and it's ALIVE!  You will see interesting things happen in your murals as you experiment over time.
  • Proverbs 17:8 says "A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that has it: wherever it turns, it prospers".  How would you like to "have a gift" you can turn towards Hawaii or somewhere else of your choice and it makes you money?
  • Proverbs 18:16 says "A man's gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men".  You could soon become admired for your work and rubbing elbows with the rich and famous!

The World's Easiest Painting Business - Make Hundreds, Even A Thousand Dollars A Day Or Weekly Painting Tiny Dots of Light onto Bedroom and Entertainment Room Ceilings

  • They will gladly show their family, friends and neighbors their "newest thing" – their new star ceiling and you may get tons of referred business, which by the way is the best kind you can get!
  • It's the best part-time business to start. Work one or two days a week and take the rest of the week off!
  • No experience needed! The  perfect business for kids, teens, adults and senior citizens everywhere!
  • No expensive overhead - Just a few dollars worth of our (invisible by day) star paint goes a long way!
  • Great benefits for people. Helps them fall asleep faster, easier. Reduces stress and anxiety!

Catch the Wave - "The Light Wave" and Make Money Painting At The Speed Of Light!

Painting with light is painting with REAL ENERGY - And this is what makes star murals so amazing! Let me teach you how to do it right and make money capitalizing on the purest form of energy found in the universe! The only thing that travels almost as fast as light is Word-of-Mouth and you'll get a lot of that from everyone bragging about your work!

================= [Side Bar] =========
This is F/X (special effects) artwork like some that Hollywood employs into their action-adventure and sci-fi movies.  Now you can learn to incorporate the same movie magic in your very own 3-D virtual planetarium stargazing ceilings!

An Amazing Star Mural ceiling (left) looks normal during the DAY time.

This example (right) is what an Amazing Star Mural ceiling can look like at NIGHT.  Let's say this room is 15' x 25', based on just $5/sq. ft., you could earn $1,875 for a day or two of labor and keep all the money because very little star paint is needed (the stuff goes a long way)! I could probably do this room in a couple of 6 hr. days.

This simulated picture gives you an idea of what a 6-foot star portal can look like for over the bed.  Most importantly, you will be able to offer affordable prices that everyone can afford with these "mini murals"!
Picture being in bed with the lights out and having a peaceful, surreal star-filled night sky making your eyes close and drifting off to sleep.  These portals can be square, oval, circular or rectangular shaped.

10 Reasons Why My Advanced Training Course Will Put You Years Ahead Of The Learning Curve Saving You Time, Money And Guesswork

1.) Creating Star Murals is one of the easiest, most profitable business opportunities available today – Your CD comes complete with my easy-to-follow, fully-illustrated artist manual!

2.) Everything Needed To Start Making Money is Fully Revealed – This Easy System Shows You How To Make Realistic-Looking Star Filled, Night Sky Ceilings That Look and Twinkle Just Like The Actual Stars in the Night Sky – (from dusk till dawn)!

3.) All of the Specialized Trade Secrets and Techniques Needed to Make Mesmerizing Star Ceilings and Star Portals are carefully laid out for you to master in just a few days!

4.) All of the Highly Advanced Application Tools are shown and explained that make Amazing Star Mural Ceilings possible “amazingly possible”.

5.) You'll Discover How To Make Your Own Super Realistic-Looking, Starry Night Skies Filled with Radiant Constellations, Distant Stars, The Milky Way, Shooting Stars and much, much, MORE!

6.) You'll Discover How To Easily Create Your Own Spaceships, UFO’s, Fantasy Characters, Planets, Moons and MORE!  Even characters like Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Crocodiles, Killer Clowns, etc.!

7.) A Simple Marketing Plan – Get All The Customers You Want For FREE or almost free at extremely low-cost methods as well!  Get paid top dollar for all your creations.

8.) Professional Marketing Tools – you will have access to ready-to-go advertising materials for homes, hotels, motels and bed & breakfast inns.

9.) This is a highly-Advanced, Highly-Specialized Art and Business Course – that shows you how to make the most awesome star murals and star portals that will command Big Cash Profits.

10.) You will learn many variations for making awesome, super-realistic murals... star-filled night skies... exciting Milky Ways and MORE... everything is neat, clean and EASILY done using our specialized application tools that are revealed and are also low-cost.  The Possibilities are ENDLESS, UNIVERSAL and UNLIMITED!

Looking For a Second Job?  Why Waist Your Time?

You’ll never qualify again for any job once you’ve been making as much as your doctor makes in a single day.  Besides, all the experts agree that “it is always far more profitable to start a small, sideline business than it is to go out and waste your precious time hustling for part-time McPeanuts”.

Most People Today Have NO IDEA What A Real Night Sky Looks Like

Today because of city lights everywhere, you probably only see about 1% of the stars in the real night sky.  In my town it is more like a couple of distant planets that I thought were stars, plus the moon.

Today you literally have to go climb up high on a mountaintop somewhere far, far away to see the night sky as it REALLY looks.

No Experience Needed

Are you an artist? Great! – Let me show you how you can easily start earning a fantastic income from your own highly profitable Star Mural Painting Business!

Are you NOT an artist? Great! – Let me show you how easy it is to create these amazing star murals and how to start your own highly profitable home-based business!

People are going to brag to everyone they know about their new star mural ceiling and their friends will have to have one too!  You will get lots of FREE business!

Easy To Barter or Trade With – “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” offers you this kind of advantage because you can do a ceiling within a couple of hours and trade it for something really cool like a car or anything you can imagine worth high value!  You won’t have to work a whole week or a whole month to trade for something good.

Join The $500 A Day Club

As a professional painter I sometimes get as much as $500 for 7 – 10 hours of easy work in the drywall repair business. This is because people don't know beans about professional drywall and plaster repair - and they don't want to know either!  They just want the end result - a nice looking ceiling and they are willing to pay big money for it.  It is the same way for quality ceiling murals.

People automatically expect that a professional looking star mural for a bedroom or entertainment room is going to cost a lot because of the magnitude and detail. And if it doesn’t cost a lot they will be disappointed anyway because people put value on price. They are thinking that this is going to be something that is really cool. They just got to have it.

And they should expect your work to be expensive if your work is good, right? The higher price commands respect as well as matches the product and you keep your posture as a salesman/artist as well. No "beggars banquet" involved here.

I had a guy write me and say “If anyone really wanted a star mural on their ceiling they could just do it themselves”. HA! Fortunately it’s not that easy! Unless you know what you’re doing you won’t be happy with the end results, I guarantee it. There are skilled trade secrets to making a star mural look good and catching people’s eye. Once you discover these secrets you will have full confidence to approach the hottest prospects. And you can then be paid handsomely for it.

My very first job netted me over $50 per hour. I did a small portal-size mural that was a birthday present for a guy’s wife. I painted the exact night sky of her birthday and it was positioned so they could see it in bed. It took me only two and a half hours to complete and I made $125 net profit. I used maybe a dollars worth of paint.

Some people specialize in doing just these smaller star portals. It’s an easy way to get the ball rolling and get good at doing full ceiling murals. And anyone can afford one of these. The ideal price is $100 – $400 depending on size and detail and it makes for a short, easy work day! “Sell to the masses – live with the classes”.

Once you get comfortable and know what you are doing you can become the serious artist that does beautiful custom star murals. You won’t settle for anything less than maximum profits for your work. These are star mural ceilings that may take you a full day to complete but are worth every penny.

Businessman 2Here’s Everything That's Revealed in "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" on CD-ROM:

1.) The Professional Lighting and Lifetime Projection Equipment that will do large bedrooms, entertainment rooms, etc.

2.) The Tools for making thousands of stars quickly and neatly with minimal effort.  (After running a professional painting company over the years, I have grown accustomed to neatness and quality workmanship.  The right tools provide both!)

3.) The tools for making awesome colorful, winding Milky Ways and Nebula Clouds.  Making realistic Milky Ways is something that can take a while to get good at.  But not with the right application system.  You will be making the most awesome Milky Ways within a day or two!

4.) Super-bright and long-glowing Paints – Make your investment back quickly.  The star paint I reveal is of the highest quality available and is specially formulated with pride and only revealed to those who purchase “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System”.  It’s the same paint I personally use to create my own star murals with. You will have a complete, professional, star mural painter’s application system for making professional, accurate, colorful constellation-filled, night skies that turn any ceiling into a real, twinkling, planetarium work of art.

Image132small5.) My fully-illustrated instructional manuals show you how to create realistic, exciting star murals and star portals – all the secrets that make them look totally awesome all night long – ‘from dusk ’till dawn’.  Perfect for bedrooms, home theater rooms, motels and MORE!

Again, you will discover how to create thousands of Radiant Stars quickly and effortlessly without any mess.  Plus super-clean tools for creating Fabulous Milky Ways and Nebulae – all by using my proprietary application system that ANYONE can master overnight!

7.) You will even be able to create Shooting Stars, UFO’s, and MORE… and the possibilities are virtually ENDLESS and UNLIMITED with your favorite artwork!

8.) Everything is water clean-up.  All you will need is to buy a couple of drop cloths, grab your step ladder and keep a roll of painter’s plastic on hand. Everything is very clean to use during the creation and application process! Bottom Line – You will have in your possession a complete, ready-to-go, professional star mural business.  One that will allow you to produce professional artwork and command professional profits, on the spot anytime, anywhere for years to come.

Order NOW and Get These Super-Hot Bonuses!

BONUS #1Professionally Designed Sales Materials.  I’ll also give you Free Camera-Ready Ad Copy.  All you have to do is insert your name and/or company name and address and you’re ready to go - along with a proven plan for getting business!!

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BONUS #2Free Support.  You got a question, just e-mail or call me and I will do what I can to help. (I sincerely want you to succeed because I would love to hear about your success and stardom!)

BONUS #3FREE SPACE ART – I am also going to include a copy of my personal SPACE ART collection and my secret proprietary course on creating your own space art.  It could easily retail for $279 but it’s YOURS FREE with your order!  There is lots of UFO’s (you can easily create your own space battles or action scenes!) Space Characters and More!

Order the complete "Amazing Star Mural Painting System on CD-ROM” Right Now (safely online or by mail)!  To order the complete training course click the link below NOW!!

ALSO, Be Sure To Check Out Special Financing Available Thru PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” Option!

Remember, most small business owners don't make much more than a regular job has to offer.  Here's your chance to make more money in just one day than most people make all month!  All with a very low start-up cost and very, very low overhead!

Over the years I have labored to make “The Amazing Star Mural Painting System and its tools the best they can be simply because without YOUR success our company is nothing.

Just Aim for the stars and get somewhere good!

Why Should I Invest in "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System"?

Because for only $397 you will learn how to make advanced star murals that are worth $1,000 - $2,000 each. You will know how to gather and make your own low-cost application tools that will last you as a professional painter a lifetime. Some of these tools took years to figure out. Some came from an unknown source!

PLUS, once you buy from me you can buy my more advanced star machine later on once you make some money! This machine will do any size room you dare take on. Years in the making, now it's yours for the raking!

I also carry the best star paint money can buy and for several proprietary reasons. They're formulated in-house "for painters by a painter" (as a painter I know what I like). I've had people say "so I'm supposed to buy star paint from you too?". My reply is "hey, you can buy it from anyone you want. It's just a convenience and a benefit buying it through me".

You buy a bike from a bike shop and chances are you'll go back there for new tires or some accessories maybe. The main point is that I am here for you for everything from A–Z when it comes to star mural success. I won't waste your time. I will guide you in the best way you can go. "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" in an investment in YOUR future and it's tax deductible too.



I want my own high-profit star mural painting business. Please RUSH me my copy of The Amazing Star Mural Painting System” on CD-ROM by First Class Mail! I also understand that I will receive ALL of the bonuses mentioned above for FREE along with my order and that my credit card will be charged a one-time fee of only $397.

PLEASE NOTE: this IS NOT a partial package. This is a complete starbiz learning system complete with step-by-step color photos and videos revealing all the tools, tricks, techniques, etc. for making professional star murals.

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P.S. For the price, this is probably the most advanced star mural training course on the planet. This is no sampler's package. "The Amazing Star Mural Painting System" reveals ALL the secret tricks and techniques for making ultra-professional murals that will literally blow people away. NOTHING is held back. These secrets took years to master but they can all be yours instantly.

P.P.S. You have literally ZERO COMPETITION. Once you learn the art of star mural painting WORD-OF-MOUTH alone can make you lots of money! There doesn’t have to be any more mediocre wages and/or long salaried hours. Now you can Command BIG INSTANT PAYDAYS for something you love doing! Instant income, work WHEN and WHERE you want and anytime you need more cash!

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